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In a recent survey of 4N Members Facebook Group #WebsiteSaturday participants we had some interesting findings. #WebsiteSaturday was a group activity for members to have the chance to share their websites. We took all participants up to Monday the 27th February and used builtwith.com to discover the WordPress websites being shared with the group.

From this we then ran all WordPress websites through our MisterMetric.com homepage test of the 5 Fundamentals in website development. Our findings were very, very interesting. It was a small sample, 62 websites, however the trend is clear that even in this small sample most small business websites share the same issues. Our findings were as follows:
4N members Facebook Group WordPress Websites Survey Load Speed

A key metric Google uses to determine search result position

  • 3.2% had a load speed below 2 seconds
  • 9.0% had a load speed below 3 seconds
  • 55% had a load speed over 7 seconds
  • Highest detected load speed was 36 seconds

4N members Facebook Group WordPress Websites Survey HTTPS Used

Not using HTTPS risk a “Not Secure” warning in Chrome

  • 30% HTTPS
  • 70% HTTP

4N members Facebook Group WordPress Websites Survey CDN Used

Use of CDN protects against Ddos attacks & downtime when website host goes offline

  • 6.5% detected use of a CDN
  • 93.5% not using CDN for protection

4N members Facebook Group WordPress Websites Survey Google Rating

Google’s page and speed scoring out of 100 for all sites online

  • 44% Had a score of 49/100 or lower
  • 83% Had a score of 79/100 or lower
  • Highest Google Rating was 88/100

4N members Facebook Group WordPress Websites Survey Page Size


  • 11% were smaller than 1Mb page size
  • 24% were smaller than 2Mb page size
  • 42% were smaller than 3Mb page size
  • 58% Were over 3Mb page size
  • Largest page size detected was 15.4MB

4N members Facebook Group WordPress Websites Survey Scores


  • 5% Had a Website Score A
  • 28% Had a Website Score B
  • 22% Had a Website Score C
  • 26% Had a Website Score D
  • 19% Had a Website Score E

The best overall score was by: femaledjagency.co.uk who had a fast, secure, lightweight and engaging website.

Download the Full Infographic PDF here in our Learning Library

The majority of small business websites in this test scored poorly for most of the 5 Fundamentals required to ensure a website works as intended. It’s quite amazing that businesses are still allowing their websites to fail the most basic fundamental checks.

The majority of the sites tested took more than 7 seconds to load, had page sizes over 3MB and were not using HTTPS security to protect their visitors. It is clear that these sites are squandering opportunities, especially with the move to mobile, which requires fast, light and secure sites to be used to effectively market businesses large or small.

Many of these issues are easily solved with the right maintenance programme and most small businesses would benefit from ongoing support of their website. A small spend would protect their investment and ensure visitors have a good experience when they first find the website. However it seems many small business are not investing in ongoing maintenance, leaving their sites to age, develop faults and lose out to competitors willing to spend a little bit of money to ensure their site remains up-to-date.

It’s a worrying situation but one that can be quite easily overcome; if you wish to keep your website up to date and ensure visitors get the best experience when they arrive at your site then call us on 01420 398080.

Test your website today on our homepage here and get a FREE account to monitor and track your website’s performance regularly.

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