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7 Online Marketing Trends 2014 for your business

2014 a year of online opportunity
I’ve been asked by several people over the holiday period “So, what should I do online to get more business?”. Of course, what you do will depend to a greater extent on what you have already done! However let us assume you have already covered the points raised in my Business Web Mentor Online Marketing Course and have the 20 point plan already ticked off and are doing all the basics.

Here’s my seven activities and trends for marketing your business online in 2014.

1) Semantic Search
Google, and eventually other search engines, will improve the search accuracy by better understanding searcher intent and the context of keywords and search terms. This means that content within your website will be ranked not only on accuracy of match to the search keywords but also is it a search in the same context. I.E. If you search for “Buttons” and you have previously been searching for haberdashery items then Google will understand this and provide you with the right results. However if you had previously been searching for “Chocolate sweets” or “Pantomime characters” then your search results would vary accordingly.

The impact for your content is that you must ensure your website is targeted within your niche, do not be tempted to explore subsidiary or weakly associated topics. Use on topic, on niche content and keywords and ensure that you have a wide array of the appropriate keywords on your website.

2) Domain Authority
Imagine a line-up of the top 10 people you know in your industry, picture them, now from left to right. Place them in order of authority, with the person you consider to be most authoritative in your industry or niche on the left, and work your way down the line to the number 10 slot. Why did you choose the person you did for the No. 1 slot? Length of time in the industry? Most number of publications/appearances/media exposure? I’m guessing it is because they have the most experience and overall knowledge and relevance to your needs? Well that is EXACTLY how Google ranks websites and that line up of 10 people is the first page of search results.

Websites with great domain authority will be strong across the niche they profess to serve. Will have deep, wide and rich content: written AND video. The content will be linked to from people within your niche or industry and it the web content will be shared socially and have good quality traffic.

3) Social Media
The social networks will continue to be important, it’s an easy way for search engines to ensure you are real, your content is liked by real people and you are a valuable member of the community within your niche or industry. Remaining relevant to your community is going to be paramount, are you being shared and tweeted about? Are YOU re-tweeting and sharing? All will become more and more important.

4) Google Plus
The poor second cousin the the behemoth that is Facebook is a perception that will have to change. It is said that Feb 2016 will be the month that users of G+ will surpass the users of Facebook. We’ll have to wait and see, however what is sure is the rise of the G+ Business user will continue and Google have played a very shrewd move with this. By offering G+ users better search positions (not overtly, but next time you search see how connected and +1’d on G+ the search results are) the are ensuring the people with the biggest incentives to be found and the budgets to ensure that happens, and therefore to be tapped into for a stream of income, is the business community. The more business uses G+ the more G+ will rise.

5) Frequency
Blog once a month? Then you need to start to blog twice or more. The longer you leave it between content updates on your website the worse off you will do on the search engines. So Blog, blog and blog some more. If you do not have a blog on your website or regularly updated website content then you’ll find your search results and traffic from search results disappearing. So get good at the blogging and secure your search positioning.

6) Engagement
It’s not enough to just blog and leave it at that, you have to strike up conversations with your traffic, build relationships and deepen and strengthen your links to your followers and target market. Getting repeat visitors and having a relevant website that provides your niche with useful, relevant content will drive this engagement. Can you add downloads, apps, white papers, reports or other useful content? Start to really use your website as an inbound marketing tool, rather than a passive, “me-too”, brochure-ware site.

7) Tracking and measurement
Start to look at the stats your website generates and use it to build more content and a better experience for your users. When was the last time you really looked at your website visitor stats? Not just the number of people on your website in a month but where they web, what they did and which pages they left from.

I use a great system that takes users from merely spy-ers and tracks them and helps you turn them into buyers. It removes the anonymity and helps you deepen your relationship with them. Discover their social networks and allows you to turn a fleeting visit into a prospect for your business. If you want to know moire contact us and ask about Canddi.

I wish you a successful and prosperous 2014 and hope that your activities bring you a tidal wave of new and interested prospects into your business, of course if any of the above topics have raised any questions or you want to know more or even if you disagree get in touch and let me know!
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