A Guide to Writing Good Copy


Having good copy on your website is very important, right from the headline down to the body copy. It engages people and propels them through your site.

Here are some pointers on how to write copy that engages people…
Always write with customer logic, rather than company logic – nobody knows or cares as much about your products as you do, so talk to them about why they might need what you are offering, in plain English, rather than talking in quirky names and slogans.
Try to use the word ‘you’ a lot more than the word ‘we’. People are naturally selfish and will care a lot more about what they can get from you than the history of your company.
Here’s an obvious but often overlooked point: use good grammar. Not all of your customers can write well, but it will help them read well!
Avoid using writing in capital letters – if you want to add emphasis to something, use italics and/or bolding – and try to keep this to a minimum. Capitals are harder to read and add frictionin the minds of readers.
Break your copy up into readble chunks – this helps your readers flow from one point to the next, maintaining interest and what we call ‘cognitive momentum’.
Avoid over-using exclamation marks – it is often tempting to punctuate a point with an exclamation mark and sometimes it is apt.. however, try to avoid your copy reading like typical ‘marketing speak’ and talk to people on their level rather than forcing advertising jargon down their throats by punctuating every point in this way (!)
Here is the final and most important point in this guide: Specificity beats persuasion – in other words, try to sell your product or service in a quantitative way rather than a qualitative way…
here’s an example:
“Our product is the best there is”
is a much weaker statement than:
“Our product is the only of its kind to include x”.
Appeal to your ideal customer and they will buy.

We hope you found this guide useful.

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