Add a Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools

Add a Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools

Simple to follow and easy to do if you are logged into your Google Webmaster Tools Account.

1) Verify your site with Google Webmaster Tools before it will allow you top add a sitemap.
This process is quite simple and you can either choose to add some code into the “header” of your website OR upload a file into the folder your website sits in on your hosts server. If you are scratching your head at this point, simply download the file option and give to your web master to upload via FTP. Should take him 5 mins max!

2) Once the site has been verified – which happens almost instantly, you simply tell Google Webmaster Tools you have uploaded the file and it’ll verify.

3) Then you need to get the URL of your sitemap probably something like

4) Then once on your Webmaster Tools home page, select your site and then on the next page in the left nav sidebar, click “Site configuration” and then “Sitemaps”.

5) Click the Add/Test Sitemap button in the top right (see the video).

6) Enter your sitemap URL into the box and then test it to make sure you have the right URL

7) Google will then come back almost instantly and say “yes” all is ok or “no” an error means you have not got the right URL for the sitemap so check with your plugin or the sitemap url.

8) If you submit and all is ok, click the Add/Test Sitemap button again (see the video) as Google forgets that if you have the right URL you might want to submit it for their use! Then add the URL again and this time hit “Submit Sitemap” and wait for the page to refresh with the added sitemap. If all goes well Google will show sitemap as “Pending”, this changes after 30 mins to a day.

That’s how to get lots of pages quickly indexed into Google!

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