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Bounce Rate Reduction – Case Study

We recently looked at a client’s site, which although was producing some really decent results with lots of responses from visitors who remained on the website it had a stubbornly high bounce rate as our graphic shows…

Best Singing Waiters Bounce Rate Reduction

Our updated Homepage refused to respond to various treatments we gave the site. So we took a step back and reviewed the strategy and then applied a new methodology which had been proving successful on other sites we’d implemented it on. The results speak for themselves: Within a day the bounce rate had taken a dramatic downturn, even though we were doing a split URL test. A split URL test is a method of testing one page against another, in this instance we were checking against two variations of the homepage. Version A was a tuned and modified version of our initial methodology and Version B was our first implementation of a new methodology on this website.

The results speak for themselves, an overall reduction in bounce rate of over 30% giving a relative decrease of 37% overall – given that this was still during the spilt URL test, where Version A was still influencing the statistics we can only mark this up as a total win. The single stat that may give one cause for further investigation is “Average Time on Page”, which looks to have reduced by 25%. The stats as shown are for the homepage and on further investigation we can see that in fact far from being a problem, the other stats show that this decrease was due to more visitors acting on the calls to action and drilling down deeper into the site quicker. Thus dwell time on the homepage looking for what to do next was reduced.

It’s early days but we have also seen significant uplifts in form submissions, increased due to an improved eyepath and content flow. We will report on these specific metrics and business wins soon, but for now we can definitely state this is a “BIG Win” chalked up to the new approach as used on this site!

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