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Here You Will See Some Real-World Examples of Conversion Optimisation…

Every one of our customers experiments could be a case study, you’d be surprised by some of our findings, but the results speak for themselves. Increases in conversion, engagement and improved Return on Investment (ROI), all from testing, tuning and improving our customer’s websites. We often get asked “How do you know what to change?”, the answer is not so straightforward: we apply common sense, experience and apply a health dose of commercially savvy thinking.

Here we show you examples of tests we ran, the result of which is an upswing of the sales curve and ultimately that’s all the matters, right? Read some of our conversion case studies below and if you think “Oh hecky heckington, I gotta get me some of this” then pick up the phone and give us a call on Call 01420 398080 and tell us your problem.

Experiment MM0103: Homepage Evolution That Has Increased Video Plays and Lead Capture

Our customer came and asked if we could help improve their return on a mature Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign which had started to show signs of flagging. Our customer had calculated his returns and whilst healthy, they had started to show a downward trend. The cause of this required some investigation, so we looked at the marketing funnel end to end and realised that the site required…

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Experiment MM0022: How a Single Image and a Single Sentence Change Doubled Signup Rate


This company had been running a membership website for a few years and had seen a recent slowdown in sign ups.

Their Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign was seeing a reduction in sign ups and they contacted us to find the cause. Whilst we realised the website was a little ‘homespun’ it was not without its positives and had worked well. We started the site update by paying some attention to the main landing page. The challenge was keeping…

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