#ChooseDay – How To Start A “Creative Agency”.

Early last week i posted a image called “How to Start a Creative Agency”, below you can see it in all its glory, this sparked some controversy and a few comments from, yes you guessed it, the agencies in question. And by no fault did the creator intentionally target these companies but as the saying goes “If the shoe fits, wear it”.

The point the owner of this Ben Horsley, I believe is trying to get across in the last 5 / 10 years all this suddenly appearing agencies calling themselves all these wacky and crazy things focus on themselves and following trends with their square Rayban glasses and brown chelsea boots.

How to start a creative agency

Now i want you to read this all again, and then think about your agency you are using?

Just think of the stuff they say and claim but what they actually do for you, and the cost…

Bright colours and silly words get most businesses excited but think of the realism in what you are receiving and their clients.. ┬áThere’s a trend in style of agencies that work with big companies and ones that work with everything else…

ANYWAY! Enjoy your day, bye!

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