#ChooseDay – Power of Blogs?

Blogs can be challenging. They can launch to lofty expectations only to collapse when the excitement or creativity wears off and it becomes harder and more consuming to post engaging  content that your readers will want to see.

Recently Cisco’s blog was brought into light and part of a very long conversation between many. According to stats the site recently topped 8,000 page views and continues to champion brand journalism. Here, two Cisco insiders share their own unique lessons for attracting traffic and attention for your blog over the long haul:

1. Amplify with employee advocacy tools.

You can add more viewers for your content by activating your employee base.

Cisco’s blogging team does this with Voice Storm. The platform enables employees to receive company content and post it to their social networks. Just like sending an email round the office.

“We have it on employee computers and phones so they receive alerts when a new piece of content posts,” says Nestor Portillo, a marketing manager at Cisco.

“They don’t need to fish for the content,” he says. “Instead, it takes just one click to share a pre-crafted social media post with their own social media networks.”

Cisco posts up to 27 pieces of content to its blog daily but sends out just three alerts. “We keep it manageable and don’t want to spam our employees,” says Portillo.

2. Launch a guest-blogging program.

Cisco invites influential voices within its community and across social media to blog on its open platform, resulting in more content and wider audiences.

“If you invite company partners and industry specialists to contribute, they will share links and promote you,” says Portillo. “It’s a win/win because it helps build their reputation and your content [well, as long as they’re not totally random…].”

3. Experiment, but don’t rely on social media.

LinkedIn drives vastly more engagement for Cisco posts than other social media platforms. This is because the company’s content is primarily B2B focused.

“We also have great success with infographics and are always being challenged to embed more media from channels like Periscope and Snapchat,” says Tony Miller, social media manager at Cisco.

He advises experimenting with new channels as they emerge, but not at the expense of overlooking older technologies.

“We actually see higher traffic from RSS subscriptions than from social media,” Miller says.


Marketing agencies tend to always throw you down the same alleyway and leave you to it,  they promise so much with PPC or some amazing social “stuff” but realistically its down to you to concept and brainstorm how your customers think, if you think and act like them then you know how to target them, this is why they have their own unique approach which generates their income and business and most of all their blog!

What I was trying to get across is that you should definitely listen to what your agency or marketing person has to say about trying to be different but even more question someone who doesn’t want to deviate from a “proven” plan of the same boring stuff..

Just stay unique.


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