Dan Kennedy GKIC Website Mistake

Dan Kennedy’s Newbie Mistake on GKIC Website

So the great, and I mean that most sincerely folks, Dan Kennedy’s and Bill Glazers GKIC website has committed the mortal sin… SLIDERS! or Carousels as they are sometimes called by website designers. Forget usability, that’s totally ignored. What about user read speed? Noooo.

Plus, get this, no Call to Action! Yup C.T.A. be G.O.N.E!

We understand he may be testing and measuring but sliders have been proven to lower conversion over and over, and with the way he’s done it the user is hard pressed to understand what the slider is about, let alone take action! Plus, one of the sliders… NO CALL TO ACTION! #AudibleGaspFromtheCrowd.

I appreciate he’s the “daddy” and has earned the right to do what he likes but in this video I explain and show you what the exact mistakes are so you can avoid them on your website.

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