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Deborah Meaden’s Now Wrong – Here’s Why

So we had a recent post which sparked some lively debate in my timeline/inbox and I am now going to offer another “so-called” expert’s opinion of online retail. Deborah Meaden was recently pitched an idea called Mallzee, by the entrepreneur Cally Roberts. Cally’s app was designed to optimize the shopping experience on a mobile, collating several shopping feeds from online retailers and socialisng the choosing process. Nice app, nice idea, well thought through and bang on trend for how Mobile is sweeping through the online retail sector. At a recent conference we attended (IMRG Fashion Connect Conference – February 2015) this was confirmed by Puma, Radley, Kampyle, and a host of other online retailers. Fashion is especially being driven through both social and mobile with younger demographics being driven to share, shop and align with both retailers, brands and other socialised content.

So, Deborah Meaden, not my first natural choice for cutting edge information steps up to the plates and delivers this, live on air, publicly and to an enthralled watching audience “It’s really annoying to do it (shopping) through your phone”
Cally tried to step in but she was not to be stopped and continued wading in “…so that’s not your first choice of looking for clothing and actually most people are buying through big screens and looking through (a) big screen(s).”…

I was immediately shouting at my big screen, “NO!” then there was a few select anglo-saxon phrases as I poured scorn on her opinion. Never assume Knowledge Deborah, never, ever.

The truth is the reverse, more and more people choose to engage and shop using a smaller screen, tablets are a HUGE driver of sales, especially in the female clothing market as Rowan Luckie head of eCommerce at Radley, London illustrated in her talk at the recent IMRG Fashion ecommerce conference.

Also, the following artilce in The Guardian, September 2014 illustrates that more people are shopping online using mobile. The report shows that “52% of visits were made via a mobile, while 36% of UK online sales are now completed on a smartphone or tablet device – rising to 40% for clothing sellers, the latest IMRG Capgemini Quarterly Benchmarking Report has revealed” and in fact when looking at sales completed on a mobile device, smartphones account for around 18% and tablets 82%.

So the evidence Deborah, good old fashioned real world evidence shows that you are indeed a Dragon, a mythical beast that belief in died out a long, long time ago.

Kelly Hoppen also declined to invest but Deborah bowed out with these immortal words “I don’t share the same vision, that you do of the way people are going to shop into the future, ummm, and I really won’t mind being wrong, well you know… and if people are successful and I’m not part of it then hey-ho that’s it… but I won’t be investing, so…… I’m out.”
It’s not so much the way people are going to shop going into the future, it’s the way people are shopping NOW! People are being successful NOW, this is not 1999, Zappos and Amazon and Etsy and Ebay and many other retailers both large and small are proving that people ARE shopping NOW and making money.

Ignore the Dragons, do the research yourself and build your own success, as Henry Ford said “If I had listened to the customer I’d have built a faster horse”. Mobile, Tablet and all things handheld will rule the planet just like small, warm blooded rodents took over when the dinosaurs died out. Smaller, more agile and better adapted to a changing climate and able to evolve quicker will be the future, mobile is that small furry rodent!

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