Don't Get a New Website Until You Read This

Don’t Get a New Website Until You Read This

So you want a new website?

Your website isn’t working. You managed to get a website set up 2, 3 years ago (maybe more). You chucked a bunch of money at the problem not much, but just enough to get you online. There were delays (your web designer’s full time job kept making unreasonable demands on their time), frustrations and it wasn’t exactly what you had in mind but you just needed something, ANYTHING online to take advantage of the untold riches being offered.

Initially there was no interest, you had built it but they hadn’t come. So you go back to your web designer and he sort of shrugs and says “you need some traffic, try SEO” you then drop a ton of money on the promise of SEO being the fix you needed.

That doesn’t work, then your business pals all say “try ppc”.

What’s “PPC?” you ask and then Google gives you the answer.

“You pay us money, more and more money and we give you dwindling returns, ok?” Initially it all sort of works and Facebook makes its way into your PPC marketing. The money flows out, a few customers stagger in.

Your mantra becomes “It will work”, it has to right? At some point your belief is that it has to come good. IT HAS TO, RIGHT??

Time For A New Website

18 months later and somewhere 3-5K the poorer you have had enough, you then have an aha moment! WE NEED A NEW WEBSITE! You have looked and other sites have sliders, and autoplay videos and slick social media buttons and all sorts of “cool shit”.

So you go out into “Internet-land” and say “So, who’s the best web designer you know?” and you get a range of answers; “Use this guy”, “use these guys”, “These guys rock” and so you begin the beauty parade.

Each web designer has a compelling reason for you to use them, HUGE client rosters, glamorous offices, slick social media campaigns. All seem tempting, but somewhere in the back of your head there’s a small voice, small, undefined but it’s there. But you ignore it because who are you to poo pooh the cool guy with the funky trousers and great choice in hairstyles.

Time to Pony Up With the Cash

So you take a deep breath and drop a cool 5K on the promise of a “better” website. However things do not go smoothly, there a lot of wrangling, back n forth, where they just don’t “get it”. Your vocabulary doesn’t seem to extend into their designs. Eventually after an “emergency” meeting you are convinced they “got it”, and 2 weeks later their final, final, FINAL version hits  your inbox.

You think “It’s OK, it’ll do, and I am sure we can change anything, because hey, it’s not print.” The site eventually gets launched and you end up with a slick new site with all sorts of cool features.

1 month in, no new enquiries, you go back to your developers and ask them to add a few things, they do it just to get rid of you the “P.I.T.A” as you are known when not in earshot.

Nothing changes, 2, 3, 6 months in and you have a dribble, a trickle of customer enquiries. Nothing earth shattering and nothing that has yet to pay back the 5K spent.

You are disappointed, then you think “PPC!” and drop another 2K on getting people to the new website. Now you’re circa 7K in the hole and have had maybe 2 or 3K worth of orders. Payback is going to happen, just not in the lifetime of anyone you know.

In fact the old site you had worked better, you got a few enquiries, not a huge amount but more than you spent 7K on the damn thing. You are frustrated and give in and state unequivocally, “Websites do not work”…

Website Rebuilds Don’t Work, Unless…

And, you know what you’re right. Using this process will never net you the returns you want. Because marketing was not at the heart of what you did, design was. Web DESIGNers know nothing about web MARKETING and you are never going to hit the jackpot by ripping up your website and starting again.

Here’s an analogy: If you owned a race car, and you didn’t win a race would you:

A) Scrap the car and buy a new on
B) Work out why it was slower than the rest and try to improve it

Have you had the lightbulb moment? Have you gone OMG! Of course? No? OK, so some of your website is working, right now, it is doing what you want it to do. But there’s probably one thing, a simple thing that isn’t. That simple thing is broken and needs fixing, but ripping down the site and throwing up a new site will simply replace those problems with a whole new set of problems.


All evolved their sites, didn’t rip them down and start again, they just IMPROVED their websites. Polished them, tuned them. Not threw them out  and started again.

Get it now? OK.

So how do you do this? How do you evolve your website? You HAVE to look at the stats and the visitor behaviour against your explicitly stated marketing goals.

You then work out their needs, and then explicitly and obviously state them. Using decision science, psychology and simple well defined design rules (we call them treatments) you can open the floodgates on a tone of enquires.

 More Enquiries From The Same Level of Traffic


That’s right: from your existing visitors you can be getting double the enquiries, and how would that look like on your balance sheet?

If you want to have a serious conversation about how to put more money into your business and not drop 5K on web “design” speak to us.

But, be warned. You will not get a whole new website. We may spend 4 weeks just looking at your stats and running some tests. We will then work out what is happening and then fix that ONE page. That may give you a bump of 35% more people looking at your sales pages. Then we may tweak your form, giving you 10% more enquiries or 100% more, it depends on how much friction or resistance your website currently has.

But. Know this, we will guide you and do what will work, not what we THINK will work. We have years of experience in doing this, in growing and building businesses online. Growing enquiries and adding more VALUE into businesses that want to take our medicine. Sometimes it is going to be hard to fathom why we change 1 picture and 1 line of text. But when the sign ups grow, and downloads happen and more people come to the site (positive SEO effects happen when we get involved) then you can start to laugh, because now your marketing is paying for itself.

So, are you ready to make the change from – sporadic, one off wholesale changes to, specific, targeted and definitive step changes that actually have a provable month on month impact on your business?

Then give us a call. The first 30 days is free.
(If you’re not in the UK, know that we help businesses all over the globe)

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