Experiment MM0103: Homepage Evolution That Has Increased Video Plays and Lead Capture


Our customer came to us and asked if we could help improve their return on a mature Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign which had started to show signs of flagging. The ROI, whilst healthy, was lower than previous months and required some investigation. We looked at the marketing funnel end to end and realised that the site required an update. So we overhauled the homepage and all inner landing pages to improve flow and conversions. Below are examples of the artwork as the job progressed, we have shown the before, after and updated homepage as we are continually A/B Split testing to allow us to measure and continually improve the PPC campaign return.

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Pre Launch

Before example of conversions testing for an entertainment website
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Before we started the update their video would autoplay whenever you were on the homepage, a major source of lost traffic. Also the page was not totally focused on the benefits to the customer of engaging the services of this company and was leaking traffic from bounce rate and other areas.


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At Launch

Launch example of conversions testing for an entertainment website
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Here you see the initial launch phase of the project: we take the site, add our main changes and then once the main website improvements go live the testing starts. We begin with a simple test, making changes to headlines, calls to actions and some elements on the page and see how visitors react.


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Ongoing testing

After example of conversions testing for an entertainment website
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The final screen capture shows progression with changes to the headline value proposition, the play button and secondary value proposition underneath the main image. Note also where the form is located, not in prominent position next to the main image. Testing any design proves its worth.


Conclusion and Results

All told these changes have reduced the cost of acquisition for this company in the region of £100 per customer, and ongoing changes will see increased savings further allowing the company to invest further in their marketing and attract even more customers for the same spend. It’s not about spending less, but about improving the return on your investment.

If you have a PPC Campaign that is showing signs of a reduced ROI then give us a call. Our process for campaign measurement and improvement allows us to test your online marketing, judge where the issues lie and then spend time improving the part that requires a tune up. Our ongoing test, measure, tune and refine gives you a healthier return on your website marketing budget and our services start from as low as £150 per month.

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