Even Microsoft can't get it right

Even Microsoft can’t get it right

Setting up your online marketing is not tough, but you just need to follow some basic rules.

1) If you have an ad on another website, PPC or Banner ad, ensure the landing page you take people to is relevant to that ad/offer/information. It’s not tough, it’s not hard and it certainly is not expensive to do. Except, even the “big boys” get it wrong, which should give you even more reason to get it right.

Recently I had reason to be looking on eBay and I spotted a banner ad for a new Asus product the T100, which is loaded with Windows 8.1, touch screen enabled it is a cross between a tablet and a laptop, Laplet? Tabtop? Who knows? All I know is it would suit my requirements. So I clicked on the ad.

asus t100

Now… That is the hardest part of the process done. They had piqued my interest, and caused me to click.

BANG! In my job as a marketer I know at this point I have a hot lead, an eager viewer who I can tempt to take one more step towards my business.

What I actually got was a page that just flies in the face of the “rules”… http://windows.microsoft.com/en-gb/windows-8/honestly

http://windows.microsoft.com/en-gb/windows-8/honestly“Honestly, you’ll love the new Windows”, err… no I won’t. Actually right now I hate it. I thought that it might be a pop up, inserting an annoying page between me and my choice of product? Nope, it was not. I had clicked on a product image for an Asus T100, now I appreciate that it is a running Windows 8.1 so might encounter some branding for the Windows product, but to have NO mention of the product and no info on the page about the product is disappointing and brings me to earth with a crash bigger than those usually associated with Windows.

If you scroll down and look for it there’s actually a button though that says “Explore PCs”, and with a leap of imagination I thought “I wonder if the Asus T100 is likely to be on this page?” and so I clicked. Nothing, a whole lot of it, a lot of products but not the one I am interested in.

There’s all manner of tablets, desktops and other interesting tech that runs Win8.1 but nothing about the Asus T100. So I thought, AHA! I’ll use the search facility, typed in Asus T100 and hit go…

And this is what I got… A fat old load of nothing, nadda, nix, niyente!

no asus t100

All I wanted was to ogle some tech and see some of the new and shiny features it had, but what I have been left with is Microsoft’s inability to be straightforward and simple and give me what I was promised and the worse part about this is the  page you are taken to starts with “Honestly”…

Honestly? It’s not tough, it’s not hard and it’s not as complicated as, say, making a world beating operating system.

So, if you are struggling to grasp marketing concepts and feel you’ll never be as good as the “big boys” (and girls) then ignore all that, buckle down and make sure you simply apply the basics, because no matter how big you grow the ground rules still apply.

So, iPads… Hmmm…..


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