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#MoneyDay – Focusing on Your Goals

Focusing On Your Goals

February we will be looking at focus and focusing on your goals and business growth plans. 95% of business owners say that they struggle to keep focused on their goals. So we have compiled a list of sure fire ways for you to gain more focus and clarity.

1) First thing is to WRITE YOUR GOALS DOWN!

2) Hydrate, 2 litres of water a day promote clear thinking. Keep a water bottle with you wherever you go.

3) Eat well, energy levels kept on an even keel help you stay in the zone. Snacking on healthy foods like seeds and nuts, dried and fresh fruit.

4) Clear the clutter – a messy desk and messy office do not help you concentrate. Start by clearing, tidying and filing everything.

5) Good light, ensure you are by a window and have good natural light. When using artificial light make sure to use daylight bulbs and have a good even light source.

6) Are you sitting comfortably? Then you can begin and more importantly, sustain your focus. Being sat in the best position and having a good chair is extremely important, research is also showing a standing desk is maybe a better choice. For posture problems talk to our good friends at LucksYardClinic.com, ask for Tone!

7) Switch off emails – no one emails the fire brigade, the inbox can wait and allocate specific times when you look at emails, 10am and 3pm say.

8) Turn off the phone or get a call answering service to filter your calls. Unless it is a sales call you should focus, the caller will manage until you return their call. If they won’t then maybe it’s time to get someone to help handle your calls and work load.

9) Time yourself, allocate specific timescales to deliver your goals. 90 day goals for bigger stuff, 90 minutes a day for smaller stuff, all of these have been proven time and time again to help. It’s the constraint of the time that helps you decide what is important and needs to get done.

10) Consider switching off the Internet whilst you focus.

11) Soothing music, or banging choons it’s your choice, but try to avoid the radio as they are trying to get your active attention. So Mozart, or ambient house or whatever gets you in the mood to work. Use that!

12) Lists ROCK… Make a list at the end of every day of things to achieve tomorrow… Then DO THEM!

13) Rewards work: if I do X in sales b Y in the month I’ll have an hour off or buy an album, or something small as a pat on your back.

14) Dream boards help, REALLY help – they frame your longer term goals and make you realise what you are working for and keep you focused on the longer term.

15) Pets can bring calm and focus into your work space. A furry companion can sit on your lap and calm you, or get you out of your space for a walk and a stretch of your legs and focus.

16) Do Not Disturb signs for your office, or workspace  if it is shared with team members then get a red cap and wear it. Tell team members that when you have it on you are in the zone and are not to be disturbed.

17) Get your team to buy into your focus and goals – if it feels you are struggling then tell your team as they may have an idea of how to help.

18) Keep your short term goals list short – nothing more demoralising than “100 things you need to do by tomorrow” and by 4pm you have 3 things ticked off.

19) Be realistic, selling 1 Million in products may be feasible in your industry in a week, if it’s not then don’t make that a goal to focus on!

20) Ignore naysayers, negative influences and the news – there’s not a lot you can do about it and you need to remain in the zone. Some entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs, Einstein and Mark Zuckenberg wore the same outfit everyday as it was just one less decision to make about what to wear.

So, read and focus up! GO!!

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