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Scientific Advertising

Allow me to introduce myself, I have just started with Mister Metric. I come from a very varied digital marketing background and more which made me a perfect fit for the opportunities ahead here. But enough about me.

My point of this blog is about 3 books Stuart has given me to digest, invest, and achieve greater success with myself and Mister Metric.

The first is “Scientific Advertising” by Claude Hopkins, Scientific Advertising is a book
 written in 1923 and is cited by many advertising and marketing personalities, The book is cited as being the original description of the process of split testing and of coupon based customer tracking and loyalty schemes. In the book, Hopkins outlines an advertising approach based on testing and measuring. In this way losses from unsuccessful ads are kept to a safe level while gains from profitable ads are multiplied. Or, as Hopkins wrote, the advertiser is “playing on the safe side of a hundred to one shot”.

Ogilvy on advertising

My Second is “Ogilvy on advertising” A candid and indispensable primer on all aspects of advertising from the man Time has called “the most sought after wizard in the business”

David Ogilvy is well known and respected as the most successful adman of all time. His bestselling book, Ogilvy on Advertising gives valuable advice to young hopefuls and veterans of the industry wanting to improve their success rate.

Your Website Sucks

My third and final book of which I was told to explore its vast knowledge is “Your Website Sucks” by my great mentor Stuart Morrison.

It talks about how your website designer probably knows nothing about marketing. So this book was created to take you through all the stages of website creation and the customer journey, as well as show you how to approach your online marketing to ensure you the biggest success online.

You could say I am slightly (VERY) excited to get stuck in and discover the method behind the madness.

Anyway, as soon as I have finished reading each one I will give a detailed review and share my thoughts on the theories used by these marketing extraordinaires.

Bye for now!

You can buy the books from these links below.

“Your Website Sucks” –

“Ogilvy On Advertising” –

“Scientific Advertising” –

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