How To Give Access To Your Google Analytics Account

In Order to Proceed, We Need Access to Your Google Analytics Account Please. The quicker we have access, the sooner we can get started, here’s what to do.

Step 1
login to Google Here


Step 2
Go to Google Analytics


Step 3
Ensure you are in the right account relating to your website,
then scroll to the bottom and click “Admin”


google analytics access step 3


Step 4
The screen will change, then select “User Management”
google analytics access step 4


Step 5
Select “Add permissions for” field and enter our gmail address [email protected]


google analytics access step 5, 6, 7, 8


Step 6
Select “notify user by email”


Step 7
Click “Read and Analyze” then tick all boxes. This is VERY Important,
otherwise we may not be able to access all area of your data.


Step 8
Finally, click “Add” and that’s it.


Once You’ve Done This Go Here!


Full infographic here, click to see full size.


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