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Conversion rate optimisation and website improvement

Your website is precious to you. You’ve put a lot of time, effort, thought and money into it. (or you should have!) But it’s not working and you feel like smashing it all up with a hammer and starting again. Don’t! The good news is you don’t have to go through all of that time, effort, thought and money again.

There’s an Easier Way, Read On…

A business owner recently contacted us about improving his return on several Google Adwords campaigns. After a consultation and some initial work we launched a more effective page and that business received a 37% lift in overall revenue. But note: We ONLY changed the layout of ONE PAGE on the website.

A few weeks later, the same page had a single sentence in its headline updated and a an image replaced and conversion on that page showed an increase of just shy of 100%.

See the case study here

Conversion rate optimisation copy and images

         Your Words & Pictures Matter Most

The two most important things on your website when it comes to telling people about what you are offering them, are it’s words and its pictures. They tell people where they are, what they can do there and why they should do it. Even if you are a blog owner selling nothing to your readership besides content of interest, you should still present them with something compelling in order for them to read on.

There are many things that affect what people do when they land on your site, some are tiny, subtle psychological things, whilst others are more obvious and remember, you have to know what your user wants to find, so knowing A LOT about your visitor is paramount. However… The two most important elements on your website ALWAYS, are your words and pictures.

Conversion rate optimisation help and advice

You May Be Wondering Where
Crows Come Into All of This

Taking the above into account: the best way to monitor what effect your words and pictures are having on your site’s visitors, is to test them a lot (continuously).
We do this by installing what we call our ‘Crow’ (funnily enough, it affectionately stands for ‘Conversion Rate Optimisation Widget’), which enables us to quickly make and compare changes, test our ideas and discover what people are and aren’t doing on the page.

It’s useful, insightful and rather exciting at times, but more importantly it allows us to change your website on an ongoing basis. This makes your website better and better, without making any huge, drastic changes that alienate your existing customers, cost thousands to implement and months to show a return (if any).

Our customer’s think that’s a BIG win and so do we.

Conversion rate optimisation results

Making Careful Changes and
A/B Testing Them Will Evolve Your
Site Into a Well-Oiled Machine

Most websites don’t need tearing down and rebuilding again from scratch (although a few do!), so instead of alienating your customers by altering everything in sight, we can make specific changes to your website – based on subtle psychology, lots of knowledge and years of experience. Even then we don’t just assume we have the right answer – we test our changes time and time again to learn how these website improvements impacted your conversion.

Not only does this help to gain you more & more business but it’s very interesting too.

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…by Tweaking and Testing Your Website, You Evolve
Your Marketing and Gain More Customers From
Your Traffic, Growing Your Revenue & Your Business.

If this is something you are interested in and would like to find out how we could help you, you will find us more than happy to have a very simple chat with you, give you some friendly advice and see how all of this will work for you and your website.

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