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Here is What Mister Metric Does
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Want More Online sales:

Your website has never been perfect and likely never will, but it does need to get better and better all the time, in order to be making you as much revenue as possible by being the smoothest machine it can be.

This is why testing iterative change is very important – “you dont need a new website (even if you think you do), you just need to make your current one better”.

Making iterative change in this way is really very simple: you find your website’s leaks and fix them, a bit like a plumber.
Here’s an example of this in action.


Your Conversation

Marketing your business online is basically like having a conversation with your
prospects. You need to ensure it is smooth, clear and effective.

Whatever words, pictures and user
architecture your ‘converstion’ is made up of, you need to ensure is is clear and smooth, easy to use and working well. This can be done by gathering and applying the following:
star1 Analytics data (who is coming to your site)

star2 User feedback (such as questionnaires)

star3 Technical analysis (for example load speed)

star4 On-page analysis (such as heatmapping)

star5 Heuristic analysis (you testing out your site)

Mister Metric do this on a daily basis and teach business owners like yourself how to do so too, so they can earn more revenue.


Learn How

You can learn iterative change and how to apply it from Mister Metric: