Waterfall Test

Check your website passes the `5 fundamentals` test today


Your Website:


Your Mister Metric Low Hanging Fruits Checklist

Do these things to your website this week:

Ensure your web pages match the expectations of their visitors.
Ensure your website loads in less than 3 seconds.
Ensure your web pages use clear, well written headlines.
Ensure each page of your website support one clear aim.
Ensure you make good use of HQ imagery and clear, friendly text.
Ensure your website is as simple as possible: remove clutter.
Ensure you regularly publish relevant, engaging blog posts.
Finally: add Google Analytics to your website.

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Armadillos are:

Fast: did you know they
can run up to 30mph?

Secure: they are covered in
thick protective armour

Light: Armadillos can dig
under or climb things!

Your website needs to be
an Armadillo

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