google event tracking kpi measurement

How do you improve your website?

google event tracking kpi measurement

The answer to the title of this post is “incrementally over time with the right feedback”, so how do you do that?

Google Analytics is a great place to start… But before you start using Google Analytics to measure the performance of your website I’d suggest you have a very firm idea of what it is you are measuring, check out our last post and read where to get started.

Read it? OK, welcome back…

Once you have that all done and dusted the next thing is to pick some Key Performance Indicators aka KPIs to measure. These are what you will be using to measure how effective your web funnel is.

Remember: That which can be measured can be improved

Now sometimes your KPIs are going to be simple and obvious like number of visitors to a page, or total visitors in a month and whilst these are OK, they don’t measure your funnel or give you any data that actually confirms how effect your funnel is and the Return on Investment, ROI. When we want to measure whether visitors are actually using the page and advancing via any Call to Action then what you need is to install Event Tracking.
As Google says “Events are user interactions with content that can be tracked independently from a web page or a screen load.”

Google states that “events” that can be tracked include

  • Downloads
  • Mobile ad clicks
  • Gadgets
  • Flash elements
  • AJAX embedded elements
  • Video plays

all of which give you some clarity around the effectiveness of your web marketing and can help you get precise and exact numbers for the key steps in your web marketing funnel. If you’re unfamiliar with events then read the article About Events in the Analytics Help Center

Once you are tracking the right steps in your funnel and know each conversion point with the right data points being measured you can then try different marketing techniques and test how effective they are.

If you are technically “challenged” or have some issues that you don’t understand and need resolving then you can always pop a message or get in touch.

But you should be looking at your funnel and tracking elements within it ONCE the funnel is working effectively, no point measuring a poorly performing, badly constructed and ineffective funnel. First sort out the obvious issues, look at how the funnel is constructed and seek to put right the holes you currently have.

If you have a website and are thinking “But I don’t have a funnel” then you are wrong, you do, you just aren’t aware of it. Your ideal customers will be moving towards you but if you are not getting any return then sorry to say but your funnel may be fundamentally flawed. Get the funnel fixed apply event tracking once you know the customer journey and look for ways to improve each micro “yes” on the way down the funnel.

All the best!

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