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why you need https everywhereOur last blog post was about HTTPS, and TLS/SSL certificates and the move from the Google Chrome developers to be more overt about highlighting sites who are not using the HTTPS protocol, you can read that blog post here:

How to Avoid Chrome “Not Secure” Warning on 31st January 2017

That post created a lot of questions about the reason for this move and other interesting comments about this topic.

So we’ve researched the topic further and found a great video from the Google I/O Conference 2014, where Ilya Grigorik and Pierre Far working for Google in their search and Chrome dev team gave a talk back in 2014 explaining why the HTTPS Everywhere protocol should be adopted by everyone. Whilst it is a few years back it does explain and highlight the reasons for the move to HTTPS. Even if you only have a site that gives out omelette recipes, they show good reasons to have HTTPS secure server certification on your website.

The talk is 45 mins long, and some of it is a bit techy, but if you only watch the 5 minutes of video from this point https://youtu.be/cBhZ6S0PFCY?t=201 (relatively jargon free!) you’ll understand the reason why HTTPS everywhere is necessary and why you should think about employing it asap on your website.

This process is not going to slow or reverse and security is going to be become THE primary issue you face when online. Despite what some people, burying their head in the sand and like Canute trying to stem the tide of every creative hacker and those seeking to find personally identifiable information online.

You won’t think “I need a website”, you’ll think “I need secure hosting, and a secure website”…

Of course we can help you with that process, and discuss any of your concerns, please call us on 01420 398080

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