Keywords and indexing your site with Google

Keywords and Indexing Your Website for Google

Recently someone on Facebook asked about Keywords and what keywords they need to add to their site to get found in the Google search results.

Keywords and indexing your site with Google

As a business it is perhaps more useful to have a deeper understanding of how Google indexes a site and what Google is looking for is perhaps more useful to know. Back in 2010 having the “right” keywords was essential, but now query syntax, and voice search has changed how Google index websites.

If you did video production services as a business simply knowing that someone searches for “birthday video services” and putting that on your site will not increase the likelihood of being found for it. If you already have “birthday party video services” then Google will understand that you qualify for “birthday video services” in fact it’ll understand that you qualify for “event video services” as well, which is perhaps a wider category relevant to your business.

The best way to attract the widest possible exposure for the most relevant searches is to have regular content being added to your website for the most relevant search terms, and allow Google to index you sit sees fit. The wider you write about your chosen category the more indexed your site gets.

If you write great blog posts about all you do, with frequency, and specificity on the topics your business covers you’ll do more good that simply writing a page tailored at a single search term. If you want to increase search visibility write, write and write more. In fact if you’re not adding a blog post every month then you’re falling behind, writing one a week and you’re probably doing better than your competitors. One a day and you’ll be in a category of one and likely to dominate the search for your category in 6 months.

However… most business owners I talk to don’t want to do that. It’s hard, it’s inconvenient, it’s…. time consuming. They say to me “I hate blogging” or “I haven’t got time” or “what do I write about?”.


But if you want your website to be found and that is of major benefit to your business then your behaviour is not congruent with your stated goal of being found. Something has to give, either your attitude to blogging changes or accept your website and thus your business is found less frequently online. Accept Google is going to find your website less relevant in future and won’t index you so highly.

Frequency of content addition is more important now than sporadic highly targeted content addition. So whilst it may be good to know what your customer is thinking your site is part of a cognitive journey, that is being indexed by a giant indexing system that understands that multiple pathways of that journey lead to the same answer. You should be optimising a site for value, and benefit to your end user as that brings much better results from your website than having the “right” keywords

So here’s the challenge… Blog daily, your business will benefit…

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