The Mister Metric Learning Library

Your step by step guide
Below is a beginners, step by step online marketing course with manuals and work books giving you simple, practical and useful guidance with your online marketing strategy. Each element helps you implement the right steps so that your online marketing grows and becomes at the heart of everything your business does online.

Easy to understand
The course is as jargon free as we can make it, and explain all the concepts and industry terminology. I have created an easy to understand, month long course for even the biggest Technical Dinosaur! At the end of the 4 weeks you will know what you need to do, what will work for your target audience and what steps you will need to take to get your message in front of that audience.

The course is as jargon free as we can make it, but we’d STRONGLY urge you to not move to the next step until you have completed the previous Manual and Workbook. You are creating a funnel and if you move up the funnel without building the piece below it you will not have the most effective marketing you can get. Resist the urge to move on, be diligent in implementing the advice and where necessary put the right processes in place within your business to automate or delegate the necessary work each month. Although the steps are easy, getting it right is hard, we cannot give you a silver bullet or magic wand. However if you do each step to the best of your abilities and move on you’ll find that as you get further up the funnel you can go back and polish, tweak, amend the bits you have already put in place as your knowledge widens. There’s nearly 20 years of online marketing experience in these Manuals, every bit was learned the hard way. It’s OK to go slow, but do not procrastinate and think “I’ll get to that next week/month/year”.

A Good Plan Today Is Better Than a Perfect Plan Tomorrow

To Your Success!

Essential Reading – Start Here
Read the full overview BEFORE downloading anything else, it outlines the web marketing strategy created from years of promoting and marketing businesses online.


Adding WOW! to Your Web Marketing
An overview of how to grow your business online, the strategy is paramount.






Begin Brilliant Blogging
We move to your blogging strategy and how this is at the heart of your online marketing.






Get Heard by Your Herd, Spread the Word
Without a great blog promotional plan your writing will have no audience.






Social Spreads Your Message Beyond Your Immediate Circle
Once you are adding great content to your website you need to get it “out there”






There is no fluff, no dubious tactics that will get you banned from Google, and no guesswork.

Follow the course and you will create a long term strategy for your business that underpins all your future marketing online and if implemented correctly will give you a steady stream of the RIGHT people visiting your website for the RIGHT reasons. We can then move to converting more of them into customers more often.