Mister Metric Account Dashboard Explained

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Mister Metric Account Dashboard Explained – Transcript

We have now added user account management to your Dashboard. Login Now and take a look we’re really quite pleased with this change, it is now the central point of contact with Mister Metric and we hope it becomes a vital resource for you. Visit www.mistermetric.com/login and bookmark the page. This is your Mister Metric Account login page, when you log in you will be instantly taken to you Dashboard.

Introduction to Dashboard
The dashboard is simple but powerful and will increasingly add value to you and your business as we polish and improve it. First thing is we have customised the dashboard name, it is important to us that you are acknowledged and welcomed. You can also drag the individual panels around to arrange the different “Spaces” into the most useful arrangement. This customises it to your preferred layout. Simply place the cursor on the panel you want to move, click and hold down, then drag to a position on the screen. The cursor will change to four arrows as you move the panel.

dashboard drag n drop

MemberSpace Explained
Memberspace is the panel where you will manage your membership, if you pay via invoice then this will show you on a zero membership. We have plans in future to take your own invoice storage area so you can get copies of all past invoices here.

Mister Metric Dashboard Memberspace

UserSpace Explained
This outlines your user details and lets you change your account details.

Mister Metric Dashboard UserSpace

WorkSpace Explained
This is where it really starts to add value, and it has six buttons that direct you to value packed member areas on (and off) the website. These areas help you track, monitor and stay on top of all the projects we are managing for you. Allow you to add files, see all the progress we are making and update your skills and knowledge.

Mister Metric Dashboard WorkSpace

Useful Info Button
Suggested reading to guide & orientate you on what we do, how we do it and useful docs. This area will be updated with lots and lots of content that will help premium members to advance their business online. This will expand further as we add case studies, in depth analysis and reports on general findings and guides to best practice. We will share our knowledge here, and a lot of it is applicable in the real world too.


Work Request Button
Got a suggestion about your project? Want to ask a non urgent question? Use this… Click and you will be taken to a form where you can add work requests or suggestions about what you want us to do for you. These are NOT urgent issues, but merely musings, ideas, items to discuss or anything you think would make a general improvement to your website.


Send Logins Button
When we start work on your project we’ll need logins, it’s also useful if you update your logins. Securely deliver your logins to us and we can begin any work.


Book a Call Button
This is the most important update, out of all the changes this one is likely to improve communication the most. We get a lot of phone calls, and we do LOVE talking to you and hearing about your goals. However, we have realised that when you call us we have to stop what we are doing, focus on your request and deal with it. We then have to write up, note down or do something to ensure the value in that conversation is not lost. Then we return to our work, which could be your project… and then 5 mins in it happens again: Ring, ring… Ring, Ring… And thus every task takes a lot longer, and every call does not have our undivided attention. If we get distracted at a crucial point of a project we could make a flaw in a calculation, or programme something wrong and “hey presto” weeks of work could be ruined.

THERE HAS TO BE A BETTER WAY, RIGHT? There is, and it is called call scheduling and it is VERY straightforward.

Click on “Book a Call” and you will be taken instantly to the Appointment Service Booking System on our website. Simply select the time you want to speak to us and click it, you will be shown a booking form. This then gives you the chance to notify us that you want to speak to us, schedules it directly into our work diary and gives us a minimum of 2 hours notification.

We will call you back at the allotted time and this ensure you CAN talk to us same day, but we request two hours notice to ensure you get our undivided attention. We noticed that when some calls are 20 or 30 minutes long this causes all sorts of scheduling problems when we are trying to plan our time. This small change helps us to help you. We have trialled it on a few select customers and the feedback is very favourable, we appreciate there are emergencies and these cannot be avoided and a quick call is never going to be ignored and we also have our priority support system, see below.


WorkSpace Button
Takes you to our Mister Metric WorkSpace work tracking and reporting portal, it’s a very useful system and should be your first port of call when looking for updates, progress and project status reports. Thus saving you a call and more wasted time, again we will endeavour to add as much value as we can to this service. It is a very VERY efficient way to ensure we keep you bang up to date with progress and it is at the heart of what we do. Our Team updates your WorkSheet as tasks are completed and progress as well as results are detailed here. Login and Click http://www.mistermetric.com/workspace and you will see changes the instant we update them.


StoreSpace Button
All files for your project are shared via Google Drive. You can share files with us too. This links directly to your folder where you can see all files to do with your project and share with us. A superb way to get files shared without the pain of trying to email them, simply upload them and send us a notification that you have shared files and where they are.

LearnSpace Explained
Is a resource to help you build your knowledge and understanding of what we do, and online marketing in general. It’s all great information, presented in a straightforward easy to digest way. With guides, manuals and all sorts of simple to understand help.

Mister Metric Dashboard LearnSpace

Video Critiques Link – Reviews and Insights on users websites, we share these and now have over 3 hours of useful insights into what works and what doesn’t on all sorts of different websites.

Case Studies Link – Before & after results from our projects, we will give you all sorts of great advice from our results. This is not speculation or guesswork but actual “Do this it works” advice.

Guides & Manuals Link – Help and learning broken into bite-sized chunks to help you grow your business. You want more visitors and higher traffic levels? This is the place for you.

Mister Metric Blog Link – Articles detailing our research and advice on conversion, join in, leave comments and share with your colleagues.

HelpSpace Explained
This is where you will get Priority Support for your most urgent website issues. Website down? Broken? Or not behaving? Go here and tell us, this is hands down the very best way to report an issue.

Mister Metric Dashboard HelpSpace

If we need to investigate or speak to you then we will contact you directly. But this goes to the top of the work queue and gets our priroty attention. Becuase it is effectively jumping the queue it has to be used for emergency support cases only, abuse of this service may result in it being withdrawn for certain users.

So if your site has an issue, this is where to come first.

ActivitySpace Explained
ActivitySpace is where all the latest blog posts and content updates. Also, all the latest comments from other members, join in the conversation and explore the subjects being discussed.

Mister Metric Dashboard ActivitySpace

Final Word
This puts our website squarely at the forefront of what we are doing and allows you to interact, detail any work requests and advise us of emergency support as well as helping communication and allows us to add the most value we can every time we interact with you and gives you the most value as quickly as possible when you interact with us.

We look forward to helping add even more value to your business.