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Mister Metric TV Episode 002

Mister Metric TV Episode 2 – Stuart Morrison presents another run down of useful stuff for business owners to implement, use and make their own. In this episode…

Today’s Top Tips
1 – Add a Google XML site map – then upload and add to Google Webmaster Tools! Google XML Sitemap Plugin for WordPress
A short video on How to add a Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools is available click here
2 – Stop using Stock Photos, not big, not clever.

Website recommendation of the day
supplied by Jonny Green – of www.MisterMetric.com:
Find out how quickly your website loads and what is slowing it down. Faster load time, higher website ranking.

Helpful Hint
Social Media Examiner is a great website to start your journey into Social Media or to grow your followers by using Social Media.
Set up by Michael Stelzner, who also authored the book “Launch” a book that made him millions and has catapulted Social Media Examiner into the top 100 blogs online.

Web Wonder to Watch
Robert Coorey, MBA of https://feedastarvingcrowd.com/
He provides great insight and info on how to grow your audience, make your marketing more user friendly and generally ensure you’re getting the best response from your web marketing.
Very quick ways & advanced strategies to find starving crowds / markets for your business
Guerilla methods to identify the shortcomings in your competitors’ products

1) Unusual ways to launch fast and cheap, without a budget, list or product!
2) How an online membership site did $100,000 launch through Facebook posts only
3) Lots of Case studies
4) The psychology of scarcity and how to Create Scarcity Without Being Slimy
5) Secret pricing formulas to maximize sales and profits
6) Writing Copy So People Pull Out Their Wallets and Buy

Plus templates and “fill-in-the-blank” headlines plus strategies for writing good headlines and the anatomy of a winning sales page

Go to the site – read the first FOUR chapters FREE

His blog is full of useful tools and wonderful advice. Go see for yourself!
or join the F.A.S.C. Facebook group here – Feed a Starving Crowd Facebook Group

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