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Mister Metric TV Episode 003

Mister Metric TV Episode 3 – Stuart Morrison presents another run down of useful stuff for business owners to implement, use and make their own. In this episode…

Today’s Top Tips
1 – Solutions – A homogeneous mixture of two or more substances, which may be solids, liquids, gases, or a combination of these.

2 – Sliders
You’re probably very familiar with sliders but visit these websites and take a look at the sliders on the homepages.
– How many messages did you get from each of the sliders on the websites above? Do you know what the core proposition of each business was?

So, why are sliders bad for your website?

  • Visitors don’t use them
  • They slow down your site, which is bad for SEO
  • They force users to scroll to find the point of your website
  • Moving objects are too hard to focus on
  • They ignore a user’s need for control and self-paced reading
  • They lessen the importance of what really matters
  • They give users too many options, which makes it harder to make a choice
  • They lower conversion rates


Website recommendation of the Week
Stop doing stuff you can get other people to do!
As a business owner you need to make sure you invest your time only in the activities that you can’t reliably delegate to anyone else. For all other stuff – get someone else to do it!


Helpful Hint
Google Analytics Tip: Learn How They Found That 1 Page on Your Site
There’s a wealth of business critical information available to us all as business owners via Google Analytics, now is the time to make sure you are on top of all your website data.


Drink water!
Yes, we all need to drink more water for our health, wealth and happiness, and this handy little desktop application will remind you to do exactly that.


Web Wonder to Watch
Rohan Gilkes
Rohan is a serial entrepreneur with many businesses successes. One of his main ventures is where he helps anybody (with a reasonably good idea) launch a profitable business in less than 30 days (27 days to be exact). The business can be online or a local service business, it doesn’t matter to Rohan, he’s just basically all about the “fast start” and is a really good example of how to market a business well without spending huge sums.

Book of the Week
Ogilvy on Advertising

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