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Mister Metric TV Episode 004

Mister Metric TV Episode 4 – Stuart Morrison presents another run down of useful stuff for business owners to implement, use and make their own. In this episode…


Today’s Top Tip
“Submit” button text: If your button has the word “Submit” on it this word has nothing but negative connotations. To what will I be submitting? A never ending round of emails and unremitting spam? Use something of more value to your end user “Start My Journey Now” or “Grab My Free Copy Now


Website recommendation of the Week
A great website with lots of free business, marketing and customer service tools. And don’t be fooled into thinking that because the tools are free they must only be of limited use or otherwise poorly built, not at all! See below for the types of tools and apps you can make use of:

  • Free website stuff
  • Free branding & logo
  • Free accounting
  • Free idea management
  • Free image optimizers
  • Free image editors
  • Free guides & courses
  • Free customer service & engagement
  • Free colour pickers
  • Free stock photography
  • Free typography
  • Free icons

Go ahead and visit the site, but try not to spend all day on the site going through everything, believe me, it’s quite addictive when you see everything that’s on offer.

Mail in your ideas to [email protected]


Question of the Day
– From JJ Muir,
“How do I find my unique value proposition?”
OK, firstly list all your features – the things that you do, like:

  • Offer a cleaning service. So what does a cleaning service offer?
  • Clean house
  • More time for yourself
  • Affordable
  • Healthier Environment
  • Looks better

“More time for yourself” WHICH MEANS THAT…

You can spend time with the family, pursue your hobbies/interests and generally have more time doing what you love.

To find the value, ask “WHY” is that important to the end user, “Why” would they value that benefit? You have to go beyond the basic, “people want clean homes and offices” and find out the motivation of the end user.

So to JJ Muir, your UVP could be something along the lines of:
– “we provide you with time to grow and improve your life and business – to prioritise your time and spend more quality time with your family”. This is of course quite lengthy and a bit clunky but I think you understand the principle.


Web Wonder to Watch
Nathan Hague
Nathan has devised specialist software for the Personal trainers. The software successfully automates many of the business processes that fitness professionals find tedious and hate doing.

But Nathan’s so much more; he uses the term “Growth Hacker” and his tips blow me away. He has proven himself to be an absolute dynamo when it comes to web marketing – especially You Tube, Linked in and Twitter. As he says, he’s blunt talking, but always respectful. I love how he cuts the guff and gets to the good stuff – and quick.

Find out more about the software and his Growth Hacking approach to business by visitng the below sites:


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