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Mister Metric TV Episode 005

Mister Metric TV Episode 5 – Stuart Morrison presents another run down of useful stuff for business owners to implement, use and make their own. In this episode…


Today’s Top Tip
Squeeze Pages: EVERY PAGE on your website is a squeeze page. The ingredients to producing an effective squeeze page are:
– 1 call to action
– 1 purpose
– 1 primary response mechanism
– Remove ALL distracting elements (this includes navigation menus!)
– Body content (concise and compelling)
– Headline – In a single line convey biggest benefit
– Opening paragraph – In a single line expand on the value conveyed in the headline
– Start of the body copy – In a paragraph full explain the value and benefits conveyed in the headline and opening sentence.
– Headline should be tied directly to the first sentence and the first sentence should be tied directly to the rest of the body copy.
– If the pages relate to an ad campaign then you must make sure that the squeeze page is congruent with the advert that directed them to the page.
– Be sure not to drive traffic to your homepage or any other page that’s simply not set up to capture visitor details and achieve the goals you’ve set. (I.E. email address, phone call etc)


Website recommendation of the Week
http://splittester.com – NO LONGER IN OPERATION (June 2017)
If you’ve got two ads that have different click-through rates right now, how sure can you be that those ads will perform differently in the long run? Visit splittester.com for a great overview of the potential long term success of your ad campaigns.

The above website was recommended by John Triplis of www.whiskerstails.co.uk

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Question of the Day
– From Dan Sanderson,
“Should I take audiences to a squeeze page, a microsite, or a specific page on my website when directing traffic from a PPC campaign?”
– It depends! But what does it depend on?
On the objectives of your campaign
On the source of the traffic
What experience your traffic expects.
– Generally speaking, driving traffic to a specific page on your website is a good idea.
– A microsite could be useful if you wanted to keep some services/products separate from your main website.
– Directing traffic to a page not specifically set up with a clear goal in mind is not recommended.


Web Wonder to Watch
Mike From Maine
Mike interviews successful entrepreneurs across the web. The interview are often inspiration, sometimes funny but always full of value and insights for the viewer. Mike actually interviews one successful person a day which is no mean feat and as mentioned there’s always a lot of value in them.

Mike also openly discusses his earnings and his own internet marketing career. With the transparency he offers it makes identifying with him and being motivated by what he shares very easy. Head over to his site to find out more.



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