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Mister Metric TV Episode 006

Mister Metric TV Episode 6 – Stuart Morrison presents another run down of useful stuff for business owners to implement, use and make their own. In this episode…


Today’s Top Tip
Do not send your PPC traffic to your homepage:
– Your homepage is a generic catch all for your entire business, which showcases the very tips of your content “icebergs”.
– When running PPC campaigns you should be sending the traffic to a specific page relevant to the advert, – A “landing page” or a “squeezepage”.
– The landing page should be highly targeted and highly relevant to a specifc need you have identified in your target market.
– In summary: Your landing pages should be specific because your Ads should be specific. If you have generic ads you won’t appeal to specific customer’s. A “We can sell to anyone” will mean you sell to no one. Focus your ads to small, niche and tight groups and then make your ads specific to their needs and desires, then the landing page should reflect the same headline and copy as the ad.


Website recommendation of the Week
An awesome site that focusses on B2B sales strategies, technologies and SaaS developments and innovations. On this site you can learn methods to dramatically increase your sales qualified meetings and how to build a referral engine and very importantly, find out who your ideal customer is and the needs they have that you can meet. Check out it out and see what new sales strategies and mindset hacks you can pick up.

– I know from conversations I’ve had with business owners that the idea of “sales” and “selling” makes them anxious. But the key to selling is about the mindset and the approach you take. You don’t need to be a door to door double glazed salesman/woman, you should be taking a consultative approach and ensuring that you and the potential customer are a good fit for each other.

If you have any suggestions for websites (even if it’s your own) go ahead and mail in your ideas to [email protected]


Question of the Day
– From Anne Grayson,
“How do I know if I need a new website?”
– This is a very interesting question because it suggests that a website has a “use by” date, or otherwise becomes obsolete
– A website should never be thought of as “finished”. Your website should be constantly updated and tweaked to ensure it is continually talking to your target market and making itself relevant to them.
– The key is to make incremental changes and make the site active – blogging is a great start!
– So really, how do you know if you need a new website? Well are your enquiry levels decreasing? Are you getting feedback that certain parts of your website “don’t work”? Check your Google Analytics data, are you losing visitors? Has your bounce rate increased?
– Identify your ideal customer profile and create adverts to target them, – and set up highly relevant landing pages on your website to drive PPC traffic to.


Web Wonder to Watch
None this week! Recommend someone!

Send your web wonder recommendations to [email protected]


Book Recommendation of the Day
“Visitors Don’t say Your website Sucks… They Shop Elsewhere”
Print Edition
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– Buy 10 and we’ll overhaul one of your landing pages free of charge.
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