Pay Per Click Advertising

Why it should be thought of as part of your conversion funnel.

Many business owners use pay per click advertising, as it represents a great way of driving more people to their website.

This is often either carried out in-house (often crudely), or by a specialist PPC agency.Working like this causes a fractious funnel, as there is one set of eyes focusing on PPC,another on conversion rate optimisation and another on web design and development.

This means that quite often, conversion attriibution (why people took action on a website) gets lost or misread, leading to poor optimisation, or optimisation being carried out for the wrong reasons.

At Mister Metric we are aware that your PPC ads shuold be part of the same funnel as the page content they are linked to, the pages following on from these, right the way through the customer’s experience when buying from or subscribing to your website.

This not only allows for more accurate data and therefore better optimisation but obviously a higher conversion rate and therefore more return on investment…

… in simple terms, it just puts more money in your bank.

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