Paying for the Diagnosis and Not Taking the Medicine

Paying for the Diagnosis and Not Taking the Medicine

You;re sat there in front of the doctor and you have a headache…
“Doctor my head hurts”
“Ok” says your doctor “Take one of these pills 3 times a day and come back in a week”
You reflect for moment and respond “Ummm, I have read on the Internet a headache needs a different approach, give me something else.”
Your doctor has a think. “OK, I know what they are talking about but that advice was discredited several years back. I could give you the same treatment as a liquid medicine?”
You pause, then state, unequivocally “I want a different medicine entirely, my neighbour has this other medicine and I want that”

Of course, the above scenario is quite ridiculous and totally unthinkable in context of the medical profession. Yet the medical process is a lot like ours, we look at the “patient” ask several relevant and pertinent questions. Look at the whole situation in context and then, using skill, experience and a scientific process honed from a lot of testing we make our diagnosis. Then we make our recommendations and a plan of how to reverse the “illness” your online marketing is suffering.

Still we get responses like the above scenario: that are more to do with how the business owner thinks than how their potential customer thinks.

Our methodology has been honed after countless tests, many years of experience and lots of reading and application of our experience. Exactly like lawyers, medics and any other profession that deals with absolutes and defined, concrete limitations and yet we have the human variable to deal with.

Any plan of action only has the best interest of your business at heart. Trying to achieve the very best results for any business because this is what keeps us in business. We do a good job for our customer and we’ll ensure your goodwill and endorsements to all the people they know.

It’s not about making a few guesses, sketching out our ideas and then throwing some pixels at the screen. Each variable we look at and make judgement on has to be judged in the context of creating a wider reach for your message. We want more people to see your marketing message more often and respond to it more frequently.

What any website owner has to understand is that we are not optimising a website, we’re optimising a process of cognitive “yesses” that ends with the visitor taking the next step.

We don’t care if you don’t like your website, we are OK with that and ultimately the website owner is the one who has to come to terms with a website they do not like aesthetically. The bottom line is THE bottom line, does the new look site move the sales curve in the right direction?

Ultimately, we only want an increase in enquiries or sales, which can sometimes be difficult for less savvy business owners to stomach. We have to listen to your valuable input but at the end of the day our diagnosis and treatment is going to give you more sales. Ultimately it is about trust and trusting the diagnosis to work, for that you need to look at what successes we’ve had and our years of experience.

For our latest success, contact us, and ask us about the increases in sign ups we have achieved for customers, the reduction in bounce rates and the business growth we have achieved. After all no one wants a doctor who regularly makes his patients sicker!

We love a problem website, give us a call about your problems.

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