Facebook PPC Ads Landing Page Mistakes

Prevent Facebook Ads Budget Waste and Landing page Errors

You want to generate as much ROI (return on investment) with ANY of your campaigns so it is really REALLY important that you align your ads and your landing pages, here’s a quick 3 min vid to show you a classic mistake made by the website Gearbest.com for their C5 Smartwatch, lovely smart watch BUT they are wasting their budget. I am their PERFECT target audience, totally in the market for a Smartwatch and they got my attention with their Facebook PPC ad in my sidebar, but lost me as a customer as they failed to “stick the landing”.

Your landing page and your ad have to make a gloriously harmonious duet and here in the video I show you the mistakes to avoid, Gearbest.com’s error is your lesson, don’t waste money like them, be a smarty and watch!

My monthly mentoring course is designed to prevent such issues and saves you wasting your marketing budget on errors like this. Lets face it Facebook and Google don’t care if people spend money with you, just as long as you spend money with them!

So click the link and start the journey of making your web marketing more effective.

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