6 mistakes website owners make

#RiskWednesday – The 6 Deadly Sins Website Owners Make.

Time and time again I come across the same issues that plagues businesses digitally, below I have listed the top 6. Let me know if you think you fall into any of these…

1. Failing To Take The Security Of Their Website Seriously.

Our tests show 83% of sites have admin account names accessible. When’s the last time you ran a security scan or backed up your site.

2. Failing To Use Email Marketing Effectively.

Creating a list of email addresses allows you to deliver the right message at the right time with the right email marketing strategy.

3. Failing To Update  Their Website For Mobile Devices.

Google’s mobile friendly search results favours responsive websites, with at least 50% of all internet traffic on mobile why ignore it?

4. Failing To Use The Right Layout To Convert Visitors.

Is your website preventing browsers becoming buyers? Do you have a system that converts visitors to loyal customers who buy regularly?

5. Failing To Grow Their Traffic From Multiple Sources.

Wasting time trying to rank for specific “keywords”? Still using a marketing strategy from 3 years ago? You do know it’s all changed?

6. Failing To Test, Measure & Improve Their Website.

Your website is like a shop window on the web so update it regularly, do you check your web stats regularly and adapt to change?

Do you fall into these categories? May be it’s time you review your website and business, get in touch today!


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