how to be an online success

So You Want to Be an Online Success

how to be an online success

Yesterday had a chat with a prospect, 30 mins of chat can be condensed into this question “How do I make a successful business online?”. Simply put this person wanted the success but struggled with the activity levels required to be successful. They wanted to focus on their skills and knowledge and leave the “marketing” to us “Surely I don’t have to tweet every day?”. ¬†Ummm….

Let me be abundantly clear on this. EVERYTHING you do is marketing. Going to see a supplier? Tell your audience, that’s marketing. Late for a business meeting? Be truthful, tell your peeps, that’s marketing. Struggling with a business decision, talk to your crowd, ask them, that’s marketing. Marketing in the 21st Century has not leapt forward, it’s stepped back, it’s about Word of Mouth and who knows whom. It’s about connections and reach of your message not platforms and channels.

OK, so the conversation went on for 30mins+ who’s got time for that these days? Here condensed is successful business building and marketing condensed into a 5 minute read. To achieve it though s’gonna take a little longer, but it can be achieved, best time to start? As soon as you hit the bottom of the post ūüôā

(But don’t forget to tweet/share or comment)

Wanna know the secret of online success – here’s 19 yrs condensed into 10.5¬†points.

1) Build something with value. A repository of useful stuff to your target market. Do this first. Don’t monetise, make it FREE.

2) Go out onto social media – target the platform your peeps are using, go find them and go engage.

3) Spend weeks, months even finding out about your target market. Heavily engage with them, rewtweeting, instagramming, Yik Yak-ing and anything which engages with them DO NOT SELL – no one wants to be the douchebag at the party who turns up and drinks everyone’s wine and leaves.

4) Know who the early adopters, movers/shakers and key people of influence are. If you have done steps 2 and 3 then you’ll know. Give them all your best stuff FOR FREE, help them build their business and engage with them.

5) Go heavy on making your stuff better than everyone else’s. You content needs to be deeper than a shag carpet and more value packed than a Poundstore.

6) Share, share and share again.¬†Not share links to your stuff, just share your knowledge and experience and advice and guide and help.¬†THEN¬†share some of your stuff in your repository of FREE info. Get a following and be THE person for your Niche in your social circle. That circle can be 100 or 1000000000. Doesn’t matter how big that number is, it matters how many of your target market you are engaging with.

7) Listen to people, listen to their feedback.¬†Sometimes it’ll be rude and abrupt, sometimes it’ll be inciteful and add value to your offering. Whatever, listen up and make your stuff better.

8) Polish, improve and offer your improved stuff again.

9) Listen to your people, REALLY listen and hear their frustrations and their problems. If you hear the same problems occurring time and time again, time to POUNCE. Make those problems the centre of your world and offer ways for them to solve, fix, remove and generally alleviate their problems. This becomes your premium service.

10) Tell your crowd, your peeps about your premium service. Not ALL the time, but often, regularly and repeat. Improve it always with feedback. If you are all about the offiline, good you can do this too, give as many of your target market movers/shakers a chance to come experience the product, service or whatever first hand. If you have to go to them? Good, go do it.

10.5) Rinse/repeat.

Now forget the gurus, just go do the above, it’s so simple a monkey can do it!
Come back here in 6 months tell me how you are getting on…

P.S. Mister Metric TV starts on 1st April, can’t wait!

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