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Today’s tech tip will help you see how other’s see your website. Not everyone is viewing it on a desktop machine, or even a nice big laptop screen. Do you know what your website looks like on a mobile or mini iPad? Well today you can see exactly how your website looks on any screen size.

Check your website on different devices here!

1) Enter your website URL address
2) Right hand side icons select a device screen size
3) Left hand side adjust for specific screen dimension

See what your website looks like to your visitors: try this…

1) Go to your Google Analytics (or other web stats package)
2) See what screen sizes people are using when visiting your website
3) Look at and see how these people saw your website.

If you have a “responsive” design the website should look good at any resolution. If you have specific sites for different platforms, again it should work and look good at all the major screen sizes.
However if your website is static, has no mobile version, and is not scaling well you are probably losing a lot of your visitors. I would estimate your bounce rate to be in excess of 70%.

If it is a high bounce rate then how the website displays may be a major factor, make the site clean and good looking is paramount. People need to be able to view the content before judging you on it!

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