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Tech Tip 0004 – DMOZ

Backlinks, heard of ’em? Those little, clickable pieces of text that allow you to scoot hither and yon around the Internet. Usually blue and underlined, they can be pretty mcuh any colour and any format but the result’s the same. Click it and you are transported across the Internet to a page the link describes.

You get the curt “Click here”, the diminutive “Click”, the bookish “Read More” and the verbose “Click here to find out more about this thing”. Whatever the author intends the very best links are descriptive ones that contain your keywords something akin to “We can help you market your business online, click here” – that’s a longish one but does contain the keywords “Market your business online” and being a link this tells the search engines that the page that the phrase points at (a backlink) is probably relevant to those keywords. And thus keyword spamming is born, because everyone knows this and chucks all their keywords into their links.

Whilst it’s not as effective as it once was it is not worth ignoring totally, and the best way to approach this is to find HIGHLY relevant websites in your industry and try to get a link back to your website with a few keywords in it. If the page contains relevant keywords that helps too, the context of the link is important. If you sell dog collars then having a link on a website for footballs is probably a waste of time. Better to have that dog collar link on a pet store (or ecclesiastical suppliers)

So what is DMOZ? Well is a hand sorted directory, and Google / other search engines put a lot of store in it for backlinks. Get a link on and you your website is given a big tick in the approval box and I have seen ratings gains from that one link. It is a hand sorted directory, meaning users sit and add the links manually, you can submit links via their submissions form (accessible from the front page). Because it is “man made” it is slow, but if you submit now you may find a link to your website appearing in 6 – 18 months time (I jest not), so what you waiting for, scoot over to and get yourself a listing before your competitors do!

And remember, don;t just chuck tons of backlinks up all over the Internet, that’ll get you a one way ticket to online oblivion.

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