David Freedman – BAFTA Winning Writer

“The website has already got me work”


Hi I used Stuart to design my website, what I thought was good he made great, what I thought was cool he made beautiful intuitive and more important he made a website that people want to play with…

…I think the most important thing I can say, above and beyond that he did it quickly did it well and his team was amazing, is that the website has already got me work and you can’t say fairer than that.

David Freedman – BAFTA Winning Writer


David came to us with a request “Can you update my website? It just needs a few tweaks”. This BAFTA winning, Oscar nominated screenwriter was using a GoDaddy homebrew mashup and we knew he deserved better. So we set to work crafting him a place on the Interwebs befitting a man of his success and reputation.

It started out with some simple ideas, and pretty much remained that way. We helped David make decisions that give him a better chance of success online, avoiding the pitfalls that so often happen with a new website.

He’s now got a small and simple, but effective website focused on his success as a showcase for his prodigious creativity. Now, rather than preventing the visitor from getting to the good stuff, his site actively promotes his talents. No one goes to see the Mona Lisa to admire the frame, so we just presented his work in a simple, straightforward way that made sense to his target audience. And within 1 week of going live he’d secured a new contract for a new project. When you’re good, you’re good, sometimes it’s just about remembering to get out the way and show that goodness off!


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