Nigel Honney-Bayes – Kettering Guitar Lessons

“My website …is now sitting at the top of the tree”

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Stuart’s assistance and in-depth knowledge of website design and SEO has ensured that my website for guitar tuition is now sitting at the top of the tree. In little over 9 months my business has gone from nothing to a very healthy enterprise…

Something that definitely would NOT have happened without Stuart’s intervention. It’s great to know there is always a trusted expert on hand that can help.

Many thanks.

Nigel Honney-Bayes – Guitar Lessons Kettering


I love it when a client achieves success with our assistance and this client’s story is amazing. We were contacted by Nigel who was having a tough time and wanted to get his business more work. So we gave him 3 tutoring sessions and he listened, boy did he listen. He dutifully applied everything we told him and has scored some very useful first page positions in a little over 9 months.

We help businesses from local to international and give you the very best and most up to date advice. If you are struggling to achieve success then contact us and let us transform your business fortunes and get you some new customers. Ask yourself, what would your business look like with just 5 new customers a month?


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