The Emphasis of Constant Content in Social Media Marketing

The Emphasis of Constant Content in Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketers can only post as often as they want if they have the amazing content to share that makes their posts powerful enough.

If you feel that you have no good content to share online you either cannot post as often as you want to or you can “borrow” someone else’s and use it to your advantage.

What do I do if I have nothing interesting to post?

And when your updates fail to be useful (like interesting content) – why should others care or even share them?

Of course the major platforms are all about conversations and interaction and not only about sharing content. But your options are very limited if you yourself cannot start the conversations you want to have with the right content.

the world is full of interesting things

What happens to your Marketing endeavor without content?

If you do not have great (engaging) content to build your social following, what will happen is potentially the following:

  • People will not follow you anymore, because they don’t get anything useful from you.
  • People will not help you build your brand and share your posts, because there is nothing to share, or nothing that they consider interesting.
  • Your following will not grow
  • Your results will not be what you were looking for. (sad face)


Content in Social Marketing means more than a couple of pictures or quotes.

The question of what exactly is “great” content in Marketing and what isn’t will never be fully answered. What one person successfully uses as content in social media may not serve as “great” content for someone else. Most of the time a tweet or a photo is not enough. And to be receiving the best possible results  with your social media marketing, your content needs to be optimized for each social network you want to use.

The question which from experience defines content for social media is: Is the content helpful/useful for my target audience?

“Interesting Content” can take many forms and there might be a divergence between what you think interesting content should be and what your audience believes is interesting content. In the end you will have to find the golden overlap between content that speaks for you and your marketing purpose, obviously you want your own personal touch to come across so that your audience knows what to expect from you and that also brings out your personality of the brand. What your audience likes and shares and content that gets you the results you seek.

be interesting

Social Media Marketing is much more than simply being active in social networks.

Social Media Marketing is not only about what you do on social media. Once you get others to talk about you, you have halfway won. But to get there, you need to make it easy for them and provide something they can talk about:

  • Provide interesting content – people much rather share content than promotional updates about products or services.(That is all boring)
  • Make the content easy to share – otherwise no one will make the effort. (LINKS!)

Content in social media marketing does not end with creating the content.

There is more that can go wrong with your content and cause failure of your social media marketing. I have seen articles on a barely readable blog format. I have missed share buttons. I have seen content without pictures (big no no). I have had trouble finding the social media accounts of interesting companies, if I cannot find you easily I am gone forever. I have failed to find any tweetable descriptions of great products and much more, the list is endless.

Without content your social marketing is doomed to fail. Because neither you nor anyone else has enough willpower to share in social media and keep you alive. If you do not provide anything worth following you for, how can you expect people to follow you? And if no one shares anything about you in social media – how can you expect to grow?

A few questions for you to consider within this post, enjoy your day and stay safe!


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