10 things most people don't know about websites

Thoughtful Thursday – 10 things most people don’t know about websites

We thought today it would be nice to showcase 10 things you may, or may not know about websites to really get your brain going!

1) Registering your domain for 5+ years gives you a slight advantage in the search rankings.

2) Having your average time on page rise by 10% is better than 6 months SEO

3) Sliders or image carousels hurt your time on page

4) Using photos of you and your team has more impact, improves time on page and increases trust more than stock photos do.

5) Adding your location, using and registering with Google business helps you get found in local search results

6) Not having a mobile website means Google ‘ignores'[ your website when users search on a mobile phone or tablet

7) Load speed helps improve search ranking, you should aim to have a faster website than your competitors

8) Using fast, well serviced, local servers, based in the UK will help improve load times

9) Use on page links that are natural and guide the user to additional useful content and avoid over use of “Click Here”, try and explain where the link takes your visitor and what they can expect.

10) When you get a link on another site use this format: your brand name + keyword i.e. MisterMetric.com Website Marketing Help to maximise the effect of the link.

Do you have anymore you reckon you could add? Comment below…


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