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#ThoughtfulThursday – A Recent Project.


We have completed a renovate package on the website, for this we were clarifying the homepage and improving the website structure with better eyeflow and more clear calls to action. We also improved the code base and speed of load as this was a by product of the work we did.

During this time we monitored the search position – using a neutral IP and fresh and anonymous browser session not logged into Google to ensure that the search results were neutral and not biased for user search.

Attached is the result – the website seems to be holding at position 7 on search results, but we have seen fluctuations where it shows up in position 5 and 6 too. This depends on time of day and what adwords showing. It seems that when advertisers run out of budget and Google doesn’t show the ads the results beneath the usual top 3 ads change a little. We are unsure as to why this is currently and have yet to formulate a theory as to why as more investigation would be required.

We also note that as a bonus due to improvements in alt text and image display the Google Images showing at the footer of the search results contain many of the customers images. Further SEO upgrades to the site would improve this result, and branding the images would produce some nice brand awareness.

The image below shows the search result at the the same date and approximately same time as this report.

Case-Study Renovate

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