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Top 5 blogs 2015

So what a year 2015 was! We have achieved great things in the last 12 months and we are already off to a great start in January, I decided to review the top 5 blogs we posted in 2015 and let you decide if I was right?

  1. Help Google, Help Your Business, Increase Profit


Yes this was released not far from the end of 2015 but it really is a full fact masterpiece, you need Google as your friend but you also need  to make sure that what you have is secure, as google will not mess with anything not secure. read the full article here –

  1. Deborah Meaden’s Now Wrong – Here’s Why

Deborah Meaden was recently pitched an idea called Mallzee, by the entrepreneur Cally Roberts. Cally’s app was designed to optimize the shopping experience on a mobile, collating several shopping feeds from online retailers and socialising the choosing process. I will let you read on

  1. Being First Doesn’t Matter.

A brilliant insight and eye opener about how being first at something does not necessarily guarantee success. It talks about how the first recored invention of TV by Paul Julius Gottlieb Nipkow didn’t achieve its goal as many others made what he started into the powerhouse it is today –

  1. The 1 Security Improvement That Will Improve Your Sales

Another blog stating the dangerous implications your business can have if you don’t make sure your security is up to scratch. “Security is a top priority for Google” –

  1. Charge 4 Times More With The Right Branding on Your Website

One of the steps we take when making over a website and helping it achieve higher sales, subscriptions and conversions is to look at the branding and the brand values.

And if your product is done right you can charge a lot more than its worth as you sell the value not the product –

this are our TOP 5 BLOGS for 2015, what do you think were your 5?

Let us know in the comments below…

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