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WordPress Website Support and Maintenance

If you aren’t updating and maintaining your WordPress website it becomes a target for hackers. Plugins, and themes that out of date get exploited and can take your website offline. If your website goes down would you know? If you’re paying for traffic with PPC adverts you could waste money sending visitors to a website that is hacked or offline. Our service WebEnsure, gives you peace of mind with the following benefits...

WebEnsure Delivers...
Peace of Mind & Protection 24/7/365

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Mark Deeks - SingUnited.co.uk

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Safe Updates to WordPress
WordPress files updated with safe roll-back. If the update breaks your site, we will then quote to find and fix the issue.

Safe Updates to Plugins & Themes
Theme & plugins updated with safe roll-back. If the update breaks your site, we will quote to find and fix the issue.

Database Optimised & Post Revisions Cleaned
Database cleaned of all old fragments of data & old post revisions. Keeping your website lean and fast.

Daily Cloud Backups to European Servers
Off site backup with access to the files even if your server is offline. GDPR compliant backups on Amazon S3 servers for peace of mind.

Uptime Monitoring
If your site goes down we email you immediately, plus show you the overall uptime each month, showing your hosting reliability!

Load Speed Monitoring
Load speed checked daily and notification if it slows, we can then quote to find and fix the problem.

Security Monitoring
We scan your site daily for any malicious code and notify you if any breech of your security, we quote to find and fix the problem.

Comment Spam Deleted
All spam comments are deleted to keep the site neat and tidy. Also saves server space and ensures no negative backlinks are added.

Vulnerability Notifications
WordPress files, plugins & themes can contain security issues. We notify you the moment we see a problem and quote to find and fix.

SEO Search Engine Tracking
Where do you rank for your keyword search terms? We track up to 100 keywords you supply and show you how you’re site ranks and your main competitors are.

Plus FREE Monthly Reports
A comprehensive monthly report detailing all the above findings delivered to your inbox on the first of every month.

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WebEnsure LiteWebEnsure BasicWebEnsure Extra
£ 47 /month£ 77 /month£ 97 /month
Safe Updates to Wordpress
Safe Updates to Plugins
Safe Updates to Themes
Database Optimized
Post Revisions Cleaned
Comment Spam Deleted
Vulnerability Notifications
Uptime Monitoring
Load Speed Monitoring
Security Monitoring
Daily Cloud Backups
SEO Search Engine Tracking
FREE Monthly Reports
WebEnsure Lite Get Cover NowWebEnsure Basic Get Cover NowWebEnsure Extra Get Cover Now

"Value for money already!"
Mark Deeks - SingUnited.co.uk

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