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One thing a lot of so-called website design agencies, or website developers shy away from on their websites are prices. It’s a difficult topic to present without lots of terms and conditions as there are so many variables, where do you begin? Well… How about FREE? That’s the lowest price we could think of, you get the same great advice, value and flexibility and a chance to see EXACTLY what we do and the improvements we can make for your business. Our ongoing campaigns help build your business online to give you better growth offline.

Whether you need one page optimised for converting more of your traffic, be it organic or paid for, or multiple product pages across an eCommerce site then our method of continual and ongoing improvement will give you a better return on investment.

We also report our findings so you can see exactly how effective your marketing spend is. This attention to detail allows you to see what improvements have given you a better return on investment. Once you know what to change we can replicate our findings across your entire website. See below for our campaign price points.

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The Flat CapMister Metric Flat Cap Conversion Campaign

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This FREE trial offers you a chance to see exactly what we do and the benefits of testing and measuring your website traffic. Trials can last from a few days up to 2 months depending on your traffic levels. We provide a report at the end to show you how our improvements have increased conversions.

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The Bowler HatMister Metric Bowler Conversion Campaign

From £500.00 pm

The Bowler campaign is perfect if you have an ongoing Google Adwords or Facebook Ad campaign generating ongoing traffic to your online store and want to maximise return. We align your website with your ad campaign and stated marketing goals. We then run tests and analyse the results and implement the improvements we find with our conclusions. A good, solid option to start the process of measured online marketing improvement with excellent levels of support and good returns.

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The Top HatMister Metric Top Hat Conversion Campaign

From £1000.00 pm

If you have a large eCommerce operation with high traffic levels and you sell directly from the website this is the best option. Our Top Hat campaign focuses on reducing cart abandonment, improving product optimisation and beating marketing goals. We run tests, analyse the results and implement the improvements we find with our conclusions. Perfect for any business looking to grow their profit quickly and predictably.

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Once we select the best plan for your online marketing campaign we can begin the process of increasing your website conversion rate. Some websites require an initial set-up to maximise the return on your investment. If you are unsure which package you need, or have a website that is not producing the results you want all you have to do is get in touch and we’ll walk you through the process and help you decide which of our packages is best for your business requirements.

To be most effective you will need a decent level of weekly or monthly visitors coming to your website. We get best results from websites with over (circa) 500 visitors per week, that’s roughly 2000 visitors per month or more. This enables us to run your website tests against a “statistically significant” number of people. This gives you a lower margin of error, a better degree of accuracy with our findings and more confidence that our changes will improve your marketing. We can work with lower traffic numbers but it may take longer to see results, it really is case by case. If you don’t know or just want a no-obligation chat to see if we can help then give us a call.

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Thank you for reading we hope you learnt something useful.