Hi there, we’ve changed!

So why the big change?

Google is a strange and mercurial beast, it has many facets and is quite an interesting task master. The web business is also a very complex subject and one we have been involved in for many years. Combined this gives us a big problem, more and more people are offering web design, despite having very little experience or understanding anyone can become a “web designer”.


Once the site is designed, then what? Sit back and kick it in the Caribbean?  Nope that’s then the hard work starts… It’s about getting found. So we have decided that we’ll concentrate on helping business owners get business and find new customers. This requires more than just whacking up a website, this requires skill and experience and not something you can just make happen overnight.

We offer a wide range of skills from coding and programming to marketing and “search engine optimisation” or “SEO” as they call it.

It’s about getting you RELEVANT traffic and we’re here to help you help yourself. Our new service offers you the chance to save money and build your traffic and your customer base the RIGHT way.

Welcome to BusinessWebMentor.com, helping your to maximise your business.