What this guy’s said

What this guy’s said

So, you make mistakes, you “screw the pooch”, you “mess up” or even “balls it up”. Whatever you call it, however you slice the cake, making mistakes is inevitable. Mistakes are good, glorious and wonderful opportunities to learn and grow. Take this lesson:

A senior executive from IBM once wasted $600,000 dollars on a project that had a major flaw and he didn’t see it. The cost to IBM was not just the money, but loss of reputation.
The senior executive was called in to meet the board, and explain his actions. A sombre executive then went through every step, showing his thinking and what decisions were made, he finished off with the lessons learned by the whole team. The senior board grilled him further and although the executive acknowledged his mistake he remained upbeat in outlook. He was admonished by the board and sent on his way with clear instructions on how to procedure in future.
He stopped and turned to the board at the door and said “Thank you, I appreciate the second chance, but I felt for sure I was to be fired”.
The CEO replied “I just spent six hundred thousand dollars training you, I’m not about to let that kind of learning leave this business”.

And that is the takeaway, it’s not failure, it’s learning how something doesn’t work, so if what you are doing ain’t working STOP! Look at the situation and try to work out a way to make it work better, different, quicker, slower, more easily, simpler or just plain scrap it and start again. Sometimes you have to make a whole ton of mistakes before hitting the winning combination. Edison was once asked by a journalist who pointed out he’d failed 117 times to create the lightbulb “Why didn’t you quit?”. Edison replied “I didn’t fail 117 times, I found out that finding the perfect combination of glass, gas and filament was a 117 step operation”.

So… read this One man’s journey of failure and start to fail fast, hard, and quick. Learn faster, better and more readily.

Big successful and most of all ENJOY THE RIDE!

So, in the comments tell me: what have you done to fail recently?

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