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Words matter

Dictators, despots and salesmen through the ages all have one thing in common… Language, persuasive, engaging and exciting language. There are lots and lots of words in the English language, beautiful, enlightening and persuading words. We use them everyday, spouting them like a veritable verbal fountain of ideas, information, thoughts and ramblings. We get to choose whatever words we want to use, and our language can be beautiful, cruel, enlightening and plain but we’re only as good as the stock we have access to.

As a marketing professional we have to look at the words we use carefully, because online Google judges you by them. Forget to use the right words and Google will not know you do web mentoring and professional online marketing support (see what we did there). We can inspire our customers but if we forget to mention that they should take the next step and create a compelling and magnetic reason for them to buy from us we should shut up shop. Words, glorious, uplifting, sexy and insightful are what stands between us and finding our target market.

Why use samey, twee or negative language? Why create plain, me-too, forgettable sales copy? You have hundreds of thousands of words, that are magnificent, splendid and astonishing. When describing your goods, services or products why bang out the same old cut n paste copy that you have on all your current sales and marketing literature? Why produce mediocre, flat and adequate advertising text? When you can effectuate astonishing, compelling and hypnotic content that compels your reader to engage, read on and forward your online marketing collateral.

You have access to the same language as a billion pound company, Apple only use the same lexicon of words you also have access to. Tesco, Coke, IBM and Walmart? Same range and power of verbal dexterity at your fingertips. ALL online copy is input via a device which has the same restricted range of keys, with a limited number of 26 (in the English speaking world) letters to convey their fascinating and coercive chirography. Why pick out the words that are middle of the road, safe and average?

Why be content with crap content? Why not reach out to your customers with remarkable and irresistible stories of such interest that they come back just to find out how you have described your latest service, product or activity? You may be thinking “Ah yes but we sell brown widgets, that won;t work for us…” let me give an example, one which is a click away…

A company who has taken their online content and turned it into an art form, more prose and fiction than sales and marketing copy, is the J Peterman Company. Their sales copy paints an undeniable allure for their clothing, products and seasonal offers.

Compare their content to someone like M&S, check out this listing for a Kaftan – J Peterman Copy Example.

“Hours later, she’s here.

I’m on the veranda, enjoying raki and meze, when she breezes into the sunlight wearing this flowing, colorful caftan.

She instantly engages us. I settle in, unnoticed by the press and political notables who came to hear her speak, some not for the first time.”

It goes on, but it’s not waffle, not drab, not grey and un-engaging…

They could have simply said “A kaftan made of material and worn by people who like kaftans” but that’s hardly inspiring, or original, instead they weave a narrative around the garment, they create a scene for their products to star in. They are painting a picture that makes an emotional connection with their audience and I do believe they are thinking in terms of an audience. I offer that advice to all my clients, create an audience and talk to them, selling online is akin to being on a stage or a TV show. The person sat out there, yes you dear reader, is waiting for the inspiring and exciting, the complex to be made easy and the drama of their work problems to be thrown into cathartic sharp relief by the solutions the vendor proposes.

But like all things, brevity can be the most devastating use of words, what’s left unsaid, the omission, the understated. So with that in mind, I’ll leave you with this…

Words. What do yours say about you?

If you want to have a compelling reason to call then read your website, blog or online activities and think “Could we show more personality and be less po faced and formal?”.
If you’re thinking “Yes!” then call 0208 088 8020 and let us illuminate, elucidate and enlighten your web copy and help you plan a better, brighter and bolder future for your online copy and content.

Can we get a “HELL YEAH!?”

Stuart Morrison

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